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New Jersey Divorce Attorneys Guide Residents Through Divorce, Child Custody and Other Family Law Matters

Each brings more than 20 years’ experience in mediation, arbitration and litigation

Divorce is one of the most difficult decisions that an individual can make. Once the decision is made to end a marriage, a myriad of legal issues must be dealt with, and resolved. The process can become overwhelming, and having knowledgeable, compassionate legal representation is the best way to bring a case to closure in an expeditious manner. While not all cases have to proceed to trial, having an experienced, trial-tested lawyer in your corner can bring focus and resolve to what might otherwise evolve into a painful, emotionally wrought ordeal.

The attorneys at Ramatowski & Schwartz are dedicated to helping their clients address all of the complex and emotionally charged issues that divorces presents. Their goal is to bring resolution so that both parties can move on, and if applicable, function as co-parents to their children. Along the way they provide tenacious representation, in court and at the arbitration table, as well as compassionate and objective counsel.

Fierce representation in divorce

Divorce can be a time of high emotional vulnerability, particularly when economic concerns are at the forefront. Parties are forced to find solutions to complex issues such as economic downturn and job prospects for one or both spouses, safeguarding and distribution of retirement assets, investments, and other deferred compensation, and providing healthcare coverage for the parties and their children. The attorneys at Ramatowski & Schwartz know well, and understand thoroughly, all of these concerns. The attorneys counsel men and women in all aspects of divorce matters, including complex financial issues, often with the assistance and guidance of financial professionals with whom we work hand in hand. In addition, all of the issues surrounding child custody and parenting time, child support, college expenses, alimony, and the allocation of debt are dealt with.

Not only are our attorneys skilled litigators, but they are all trained as in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution, and can assist you in mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce, if your goal is to avoid going to court. Clients can rest assured, however, that all of our attorneys are prepared to bring a case to trial if other processes fail to resolve things satisfactorily. Our attorneys are also fully able to assist individuals who are experiencing legal issues in their domestic partnerships, civil unions and same-sex marriages.

There are more options for resolving NJ family legal issues than ever before

It is not necessary for every matrimonial case in New Jersey to be decided by a judge. Contested divorces and other family matters may be resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. These modalities seek to facilitate communication between the parties and often result in less animosity and emotional scarring, which can create a healthier emotional environment where children are involved. Creating a format for clients to have a strong hand in fashioning their own solutions and remedies is the goal of ADR. The attorneys at Ramatowski & Schwartz are available to counsel clients about all of the ADR processes, and suggest those that might work best for you and your individual situation. Our attorneys remain by your side throughout the entire process.

Our litigation experience can help also, as all of our lawyers are experienced trial attorneys. A strong knowledge of the law, and familiarity with how judges tend to decide issues, allows us to approach ADR with a full understanding of what constitutes a fair and reasonable resolution of any contested issue. We know the pros and cons of all of the legal arguments that adversaries are likely to pursue, which allows us to better advise our clients as to whether they should bring their case to court. That knowledge and experience allows us to functions very effectively as negotiators, but also means we're ready to represent you should your case move into court.

Helping you navigate a host of family law matters

We handle virtually all aspects of family law, including but not limited to: stepparent adoptions, paternity issues, post-judgment relief, change of circumstances applications and matters involving domestic violence. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in domestic violence matters; individuals seeking protection, and individuals defending against unjust restraints.

Retain a Central New Jersey divorce or family law attorney who cares and is effective

Ramatowski & Schwartz is dedicated to resolving divorce and other family law matters in a dignified and effective fashion. We provide legal advice and representation to individuals throughout New Jersey. To learn more about us and see how we can help you, please call us at [ln::phone] or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.